Headshot by Allison Stock Photography


About Me

An Alaskan theater artist in NYC

My work is fueled by joy, imagination, and the search for the best possible way to tell a story. I have been trained as an actor, a comedian, a singer, a director, and a fairly clumsy tap dancer. I draw on inspiration from a wide variety of sources - visual art, philosophy, shadows, falling water, the curvature of a spoon.  I believe that life fuels art and that art can change life. 

Growing up in Alaska, I experienced an abundance of resources and culture. My stepfather, who is Tlingit/Tsimshian/Haida, would tell my friends and me stories and legends. Through his engagement, I learned the value of simplicity and honesty in storytelling as well as the importance of community and ritual. 

My life journey brought me to live in Chicago for a short while. There I continued my acting path and learned way more about myself in the process. My Chicago community taught me that not only did I have a voice and stories to tell, but I should shout them from the mountaintops with no apologies.

In 2012, I moved from Chicago to New York to attend graduate school. I learned tough but important lessons before being deposited into the wild streets of New York City. Ever since then, I have been working steadily in the indie theater community. 

Though I have many things to share, my main philosophies stay the same. I lead with empathy and a strong desire to effectively communicate to build community. Though I take what I do very seriously, I don't take myself quite as seriously. What we do is called "play," after all.