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A Bright Room Called Day by Tony Kushner, ASDS Repertory Season, photo by Scott Wynn


Vanities by Jack Heifner, ASDS Repertory Season, photo by Scott Wynn

Directing Work

Honoring the ensemble

I was once told that the director has to be the smartest person in the room. I don't know if I agree with that. Sure, a director needs to have a firm understanding of the script, circumstances, and history in order to build a believable world. But I don't believe a director should be so rigid in their understanding that they discount everyone else's experience in the room. I know my point A and point B. How we get there, is up to the group.

I believe in creating safe spaces where everyone feels comfortable to contribute their artistry in their own way. I want my fellow collaborators to have ownership and feel pride in what we do. I work from where the artist is and find ways to help push them past where they think they can go. 

I fell in love with new work development and devising in graduate school. I believe in honoring the playwrights words and intentions while also giving the actors a voice. 

I tend to think about the big picture while keeping in mind the details that make each experience special. I find great joy in working with designers and strive to honor the work that they do as well.


Theater would be nothing without an audience. I want to bring them on a cathartic journey from the moment they step into the space and keep them talking about the show when they leave. 

For more specifics on my experience, download my resume.

Also, swing by my theater company - Permafrost Theatre Collective

Paint the Line an original one act by Taylor Williams, ASDS Repertory Season, photo by Scott Wynn


Are You Alice: A New Wonderland Tale conceived and directed by me, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, photo by Brian Wilson