Mrs, Bob Cratchit's Wild Christmas Binge, University of Alaska Anchorage, photo by Anita Algiene

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Beautifully Something, short film in collaboration with Ladies Knight Productions

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Multiple Disciplines

A collection of all that I am

Though directing is now my main area of focus, I can never forget my roots in performing and other forms of creation. 

As an actor, I gravitated toward movement-based performance and have been trained in Williamson, Viewpoints, Lacoq, and Laban. I completed a year long Meisner program in Chicago and learned the Method at the Actors Studio Drama School.

I also have a varied history with comedic performance. I was a part of Scared Scriptless, Alaska's longest running improv troupe, and co-founded the Pogo Stick Go Go Dancer Company, the state's premiere live sketch comedy troupe. 

My interests and experiences are very vast so have a look below at what keeps me busy!

Beautifully Something

Film collaboration with Ladies Knight Productions for the Asian American Film Lab 72 Hour Shootout. Beautifully Something was named a Top 40 film and was Screened at Time Warner/HBO Turner Group and featured on SinoVision English.

Click Here to watch the short film.

Petunia's Playhouse

Rosie Corn made her debut on the very first episode of this heart-felt puppet series.

Visit Petunia's Playhouse!

Writing Samples

I co-wrote an adaptation of The Trojan Women! I wrote sketches! I wrote a children's comedy show! Check them out below:

The Women Of... Selected Monologue

Starbucks Perks - Sketch Sample

EKCTV - Children's Sketch Sample

Still from Petunia's Playhouse, a web-based puppet series created by Laura Kay