The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by Glyn Robbins, photo by Richard Larson 

WHAT IF photo by Jody Christopherson-15.
Teaching and Children's Theater

Lead with kindness and imagination

I have been a teaching artist and theater educator for more than a decade. I have taught school aged children in Alaska, New York, and West Virginia. I enjoy teaching a wide variety of ages because it helps me to be specific in my outcomes while allowing my imagination to run wild. I use the same rules and expectations in all of my classrooms:

* We attempt

* We listen

* We encourage

* We have fun

I believe theater can help build better communication skills and help to encourage empathy. 

For an in-depth look at my experience, download my CV.

Here are some classes that I have offered in the past:

* Mask Making and Design (3rd-5th Grade)

* Theater games (Pre-K - 10th grade)

* Fairy Tale Theater (K-2nd grade)

* Improvisation (3rd-9th grade)

* Advanced Improvisation (9th-12th grade)

* Puppetry (Kindergarten, 2nd-3rd grade)

* Communication Skills through theater (3rd-5th grade)

* Character Development (7th-9th grade)

* Introduction to Devising (6th-11th grade)

* Viewpoints (Adult)

* Monologue/Audition Prep (Elementary-Adult)

I now have the ability to teach online! If you are looking for an extracurricular for your kiddo or need some audition help, drop me a line. I would love to discuss options.  

Workshop production of Are You Alice: A New Wonderland Tale, photo by Jody Christopherson


Dorothy Meets Alice by Joseph Robinette, photo by Hannah Bankson